Tuesday, 28 June 2016

PK 24


Reasons for using PK24

Works as fast as 10 minutes. 
Rejuvenation and improve muscle elasticity of the vaginal walls for approximately 24 hours.
No risk of surgery and non invasive.
Safe, FDA approved ingredients and manufactured in USA.
Lightweight, convenient, non irritation and easy to use.
Result is from temporary to permanent.

What is PK24?

For rejuvenation and restore muscle elasticity of vaginal wall. 
Regain youthfulness and its ingredient is safe.
Clinically tested and specialty formulated.

What is the ingredient in PK24?

Aloe barbadensis leaf (a soothing plant extract), glycerin (a natural moisturizing ingredient), Alum potassium(natural mineral), Sodium citrate ( anti-oxidant and natural preservatives), peg-75 fragrance, sucralose flavoring, methylparaben and proplyparaben (common water soluble preservatives). 
All ingredients meet GRAS standards. 

What are the Results?

During clinical trials, 89% of cases reported, besides increase in sensation, it also improves intimacy with their partner.

How to use PK24?

Apply a small amount of PK24 onto your index finger and gently massage into the interior vagina wall.
PK 24 is designed to hydrate the interior of vagina wall and improve the muscle tone.
The rejuvenating result can act as fast as 10 minutes and as long as 24 hours.
Feeling is completely natural.
You can carry on with your daily activities.

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