Monday, 27 June 2016

Obagi NU-DERM System

Obagi NU- DERM 1-6 

Transform your skin at every phase!

Phase 1 (REMOVE week 1-6)

Penetration under skin to correct signs of aging and acne breakout.
Exfoliation occurs by removing dull skin and promote new skin cells.
Even skin tone is noticeable.

Expect some itching, dryness and redness and they will subside by the end of phase 2.

Phase 2 (RESTART week 7-12)

Skin produces normal healthy cells and pigments are distributed evenly.
Skin become smoother, clearer and softer.
Even skin tone.

Phase 3 (REFRESH week 13-18)

Skin cells are in the process of transformation.
Skin is clearer, firmer, hydrated, more even toned.

Phase 4 (RESTORE continue result with proper maintenance )

Skin look restored, more radiant, even skin tone and resilient.
Maintenance of healthy skin.

Daily Expectation :

More resilient skin 
Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
Refresh look , even skin tone and texture.
Reduced in hyperpigmentation( discolouration)

1. Gentle Cleanser

Gently make up removal and cleanse face.
Massage small amount of cleanser and water into skin.
Rinse with water and gently pat dry.

2. Toner

Alcohol free, non drying toner helps to adjust pH of the skin, increase product penetration.
After cleanser, put on cotton pad and apply on face, do not rinse.

3. Clear

Hydroquinone 4% helps to correct age spots secondary to  sun exposure, better and even complexion.
Squeeze a small amount (1-2 pea size)onto your hands.
Apply evenly in feathering motion evenly over entire face.

4. Exfoderm

Lightweight lotion, exfoliates dull and top layer of skin.
Promoting new skin cells and brighter complexion.
Squeeze a small amount(1-2 pea size) onto your hands.
Use fingertips, apply evenly over entire face until fully absorb.

5. Blender

Hydroquinone 4 % , Lighten age spots and other types of discolouration.
Squeeze a small amount (1-2 pea size) onto your hands and apply even over entire face.

Blender maybe use along with Tretinoin cream ( 0.1%, 0.05% or 0.025%)

6. Sunscreen SPF 50 

Combine UVA and UVB protection.
PABA and fragrance free, allergy tested.
Apply over entire face 15 mins prior to sun exposure.
Reapply every 2 hours.

Obagi Hydrate

A moisturizing cream to be use to soothe area of dry and flaky skin. 
Apply small amount evenly to the entire face.

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