Saturday, 14 November 2015

HCG Diet

HCG Diet Plan For Beginners 

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin)

Similarly increased the metabolic rate as in pregnant female 
Present of HCG in the optimum and right dosage can help released fat cells and used by the body or and expelled.
For weight loss purpose only a small amount of HCG is required.
Using HCG does not mimic pregnancy, hence its suitable for men and women.
Men in fact achieve more weight loss in comparison to women when taking HCG.
Doctors give men and women foe fertility reason in large doses (5000-6000IU).
However for dieting only (150-200IU) per day is required.
You can loose a pound a day and not feel hungry by consuming 500-800 kcal per day.

How Much Will I Loss?

The average weight loss for women is 0.25 kg/ day and 0.4 kg /day for men.
Usually women don't always loss the weight as fast as man.

Injection or Oral Method?

Injection method is more preferred as the dosage is precise, easy , quick and painless compare to sublingual method.
Sublingual method will also loose weight but it takes double the amount of HCG and take 30-40 mins of your time each day.

How Much HCG should I Inject?

Usually the recommended dosage  is 175IU -200IU per day and adjust accordingly by doctors.
You will become immune to HCG faster, if you start with a higher dose.
Subcutaneous injection is usually around the belly area, 2 fingers breath away from the belly button.
Usually no pain as that area is mostly fat tissues.
There are 23 days and 42 days cycle.
If you are a heavy person, you may need to start with the 42 days program and need a multiple 42 days HCG but with a 8 weeks break interval.

Important tips for HCG 

HCG is contraindicated if you are, pregnant, nursing, under 18 of age, heart disease, diabetes on injectable insulin, on nitrates and any history of cancer.
Usually HCG is stop during menstruation and continue oral weight loss medication.
Use HCG for minimum of 21 days to a maximum of 45 days.
Start a new cycle if need after 6-8 weeks interval.
Follow the diet plan carefully to stabilized the weight.
Do not exceed 500-800kcal per day.
Take injection on the same time everyday.
Drink 1.5-3L of water per day.
Keep HCG well refrigerated.


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