Saturday, 10 October 2015

Body Contouring with Injectables

Mesotherapy /Mesofat Injections

Mesohyal is the 100% adaptable mesotherapy solution, from Spain and approved by EC.
Containing full range of active substances which can be customized as cocktails for injections.
Eg: Artichoke and DMAE each with their own functions.


is an anticellulite solution.
It works by stimulating the lymaphatic drainage system, prevent water or fluid retention in the tissues. 
Hence reducing edema and cellulite.
Indicated for flaccid celluite and over weight.
All areas can be treated - thigh , buttocks, arms, abdomen,back face etc.


is to treat face and body flaccidity.
Protecting against the damage caused by free radicles and increased the elasticity of skin.

X prof 

L carnitine

acts as a fat carrier and enables the activated fatty acids to be oxidised.
Its an lipolytic agent.


activates the fat melting enzyme lipases and reduced the synthethesis of triglyceride.
Helps dissolves fat.

Melilot and Rutin extract

It activates the venous return circulation and has anti free radicles function.
Used in cellulites with retention of fluids.

Organic silicon

Used in stretch mark , cellulite, anti aging as it is a lipolytic agent.
Improves orange peel skins.

Usage: Once a week for 10 weeks, then once a month as maintenance.

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