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Crystal Tomato

Crystal Tomatoes

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Crystal Tomato

Crystal Tomato®

What is crystal Tomato?

  • It is a supplement.
  • Natural and non genetically modified tomato.
  • Contain crystal tomato carotenoids.
  • Which is proven to whiten and brighten skin.
  • Safe and easy way to achieve radiant and healthy skin.
  • Clinical trial and scientifically proven to brighten skin.

Benefits of Crystal Tomato?

Acts as natural sunscreen

  • Unlike other carotenoids.
  • They are colourless.
  • Absorb UV lights.
  • Ideal for offering protections against UVA/UVB damage from within.

Inhibits Melanin Synthesis

  • Unlike orange or red carotenoids.
  • Which  change skin's colour to tan or orange shade when taken in large amount.
  • Crystal tomato control pigmentation.
  • By inhibiting the synthesis of pigments.
  • They do not contain visible colours that will tint the skin.

Reduction of existing melanin

  • Significantly reduce the existing melanin in the cells, which is proven scientifically.
  • Includes those dark acne scars (post inflammatory hyperpigmentations), freckles, dark under arms and age spots.
  • Lightening effect on melanosis.

Antioxidant Effects

  • Inhibits light absorption UVA/UVB.
  • Block free radicals.

Anti-inflammatory Effects

  • Aids in wound healing.
  • Anti inflammatory effects against wound and UV damage skin.

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