Thursday, 11 June 2015

Lips Whitening Therapy

Dark lips

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  • It is becoming a common problem encounter by many people especially in the younger generations.
  • Either from birth, secondary to prolong usage of lipsticks and smoking or sun exposure.
  • Laser treatment is the latest modern technology to help lighten and brighten dark lips.
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    Q -switch Nd Yag laser
  • It also helps to improve wrinkles around the lips. 

Image result for lips brightening laserTreatment via Laser Toning 

  • Q-Switch Nd Yag laser is the desired laser machine for lips brightening.
  • This device acts by removing or improve the pigments underlying the skin.
  • It also targets the appearance of age spots, sun damage skin and even tattoos.

Laser Procedure on lips

  • The whole procedure takes no longer than 15 mins.
  • The laser will target the lips pigment and photothermalysis will occur.
  • immediate result can be seen immediately.
  • However the maximum result is best achieve in few days to 2 weeks.
  • There will be minimal to no pain at all.
  • It is a safe procedure. Pre and post treatment care and advice will be explain to patients to enhanced the effects and minimized the possible side effects.
  • Several sessions of treatment are required to achieve the best result at 2-4 weeks interval. 

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