Monday, 4 May 2015

Botox Injection for Facial Contouring

Masseter muscle 

Facial Contouring / Jaw reduction 

  • The lower face looks full and squarish with a bulky masseter, a chewing muscle.
  • Personal habits like excessive chewing of gums, chewing hard items or food can lead to enlarge masseter muscle.
  • Botox helps by reducing the mass of the muscle and improve the width of  jawline by changing an overly square jawline to a more attractive oval or V shape face.
  • Botox temporary weakens the masseter muscle over time and reducing the overall size of the muscle.
  • Usually its pain and bruises free.
  • Can be done during lunch hour as its a quick procedure and patient can return to the office immediately after.
  • Patient will experience  weakening of the masseter muscle around 1 week and softening of jawline at 6 weeks.
  • Average dosage of 20 units per side is needed for most patients, however it also varies depends on the size of the muscle.
Image result for botox injection on masseterImage result for botox injection on masseter
  • The effects of Botox can last up to 3-4 months after the initial treatment. 
  • Future treatment sessions will be needed once in every 6 months after few treatments.
  • Usually patient will need a follow up at 2 weeks to review the progression.


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