Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Chemical Peel

Milk Peel 

What is Milk Peel ?
  • Milk peel is a gentle superficial chemical peel which gives you a drastic result with no downtime.
  • The active ingredients are Glycolic acid 50%, Lactic acid 10% and Salicylic acid 4% .
  • It is suitable for all skin phototypes.

What are the benefits of Milk Peel?

  • It is specially formulated for patient with fine lines, uneven skin tone and dull complexions.
  • It helps to restores the radiance and luminous skin complexion.
  • Increase the turnover process of keratinocytes and stimulates epidermis.
  • Hence reduced and shrink existing acne and prevent further acne eruption. 
  • The lactic acid within milk peel will act as a synergistic effect to break the skin barrier thereby enhance the action of daily cosmetics.
  • Helps to regulate the oily skin and reduced sebum productions.
  • Milk peel significantly helps to refined and reduced enlarged pores.
  • It is a safe, quick / lunch time procedure with no downtime.
  • Hence you can proceed with your normal daily activities. 

How does milk peel work?

Milk Peel 
Home care Products
  • Pre- peel preparation with home care products for 2 weeks prior to milk peel for best result.
  • The entire procedure will take about 15-20 mins of your time.
  • The initial step is to cleanse your skin with pre-peel Foamer 15 which acts as an exfoliant foam, consisting of Glycolic acid, Enoxolone -PH1.4
  • Subsequently, the Milk peel will be apply to the desire area and left it for few minutes depending on for skin phototypes. 
  • Slight tingling sensation, redness and warmness will be felt through out this process.
  • Milk peel will then be removed after the allocated time.
  • Immediately after the process, you will feel refreshed with softer, supple skin  and rejuvenated.
  • However this process need to be repeated every 2 weeks or every month to achieve the best result.
  • The combination of home care products will help to enhance the milk peel end result. 
Milk Peel Protocol

Home care Products

What are the Post Peel Care?

  • You should avoid direct or minimized sun exposure as your skin is still at the sensitive stage for at least a week.
  • Adequate moisturizer and sunscreen of SPF 50 or 90.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise and sauna.
  • Temporary not to apply any whitening product on skin for at least a week.

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