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What are the tips to maintain healthy hair ?

What are the tips to maintain healthy hair ?
1. Have enough iron and protein in your diet
Iron and protein are really important for hair health. People with active life style need more, however less in sedentary.

2. Sufficient levels of  vitamin and take supplements if necessary
Vitamin D, omega, fish oils, and multivitamin with iron. Biotin is great for hair strength and preventing breakage.

3. Anti-frizz products
A little more protection such as silicone -based products that will help to coat your hair. Look for silicone or dimethicone or a silicone derivatives products. Usually anti-frizz products contain silicone type of derivative. 

4. Reduce frequency of self styling at home
Not to put heat on hair more than once a week, reduce the frequency of flat iron use and  blow dry at a lower setting. 

5. Never flat iron wet hair!
Wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage. Use low setting hair dryer to blow dry or air dry hair, then only put the flat iron or curler on.

 6. Do not leave products in for no longer than advise
Its a misconception in most people thinking that it is  more effective if they leave them in longer than they should. That's when damage can happen.

7. Choose looser hairstyles
Try to keep ponytails and braids loose and not too tight to reduce the amount of tension on the scalp.

8. Wash oily hair more frequently
9. Concentrate shampoo on the scalp 
Rather than washing the entire length of hair. Washing only your hair can cause hair that to be dull and coarse.

10. Use conditioner after every shampoo
To improve the look of damaged or weathered hair by increasing shine, strength and offering some protection from harmful UV rays. Concentrate conditioner on the tips of the hair.

11.Choose a shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for your hair type 
Use shampoo designed for color-treated hair,if you had your hair hair.

12. Protect hair when swimming
Protect your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine by wetting and conditioning your hair before swimming. Wear a tight-fitting swim cap and use a specially formulated swimmers shampoo and deep conditioner after swimming to replace lost moisture.

Dr. Elaine graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)  from Manipal University, India and obtained a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (USA). She is a fully registered medical doctor with the Malaysian Medical Council. Dr. Elaine firmly believes that all individuals are beautiful and aims to bring your inner beauty to the surface.
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