Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Easy PRO 123

It is a nutrient rich dietary health drink.
Restore health from our imbalanced diet and lifestyle.
By delivering a full spectrum of essential nutrients.

The essential nutrients include:

Phytonutrient( The 21st century super nutrient)
papaya enzyme, fiber, fructooligosaccharides (FOS)
antioxidants, soy protein, detoxifications
bowel health and antioxidant health throughout the body.


Soluble fibres absorbs water to transform into gel like and sticky substance that helps to flush out accumulated toxins. 
Insoluble fibre work as a colonic flush which helps to mobilize toxin and cleanse the colon.
FOS frutooligosaccharides is a healthy sweetener as well as a prebiotic dietary substance that can help produce beneficial bacteria in the colon which aids in proper nutrient absorption.


Once your body processes are disturbed, a balance is required to be restored.
Superfoods containing super nutrients can help achieve optimum health by restoring a proper balance.
Papaya enzyme and soy bean protein restore health by promoting anti-inflammatory responses, where fats are dissolve and purged out of the body.
These enhanced wound healing process and restore skin smoothness.


Botanical extracts such as phytonutrients with extremely beneficial ingredients like green tea, cranberry, red beet, tea polyphenol and citric acid, promotes anti aging process and overall balance in health.


Constant exposure to poor or unhealthy lifestyle results in accumulation of toxin at the surface of our colon which will harden over time leading to growth of unpleasant bacteria. 
This does not only reduced the ability of our body in good nutrient absorption , it also compromises the body natural cleaning system to release harmful substances.
Toxins that are accumulated overtime will be reabsorb back into our system.
This is the greatest way to assist our body to clear the debris that has been plugging the system.
Helps revitalizing our body. 

PK 24


Reasons for using PK24

Works as fast as 10 minutes. 
Rejuvenation and improve muscle elasticity of the vaginal walls for approximately 24 hours.
No risk of surgery and non invasive.
Safe, FDA approved ingredients and manufactured in USA.
Lightweight, convenient, non irritation and easy to use.
Result is from temporary to permanent.

What is PK24?

For rejuvenation and restore muscle elasticity of vaginal wall. 
Regain youthfulness and its ingredient is safe.
Clinically tested and specialty formulated.

What is the ingredient in PK24?

Aloe barbadensis leaf (a soothing plant extract), glycerin (a natural moisturizing ingredient), Alum potassium(natural mineral), Sodium citrate ( anti-oxidant and natural preservatives), peg-75 fragrance, sucralose flavoring, methylparaben and proplyparaben (common water soluble preservatives). 
All ingredients meet GRAS standards. 

What are the Results?

During clinical trials, 89% of cases reported, besides increase in sensation, it also improves intimacy with their partner.

How to use PK24?

Apply a small amount of PK24 onto your index finger and gently massage into the interior vagina wall.
PK 24 is designed to hydrate the interior of vagina wall and improve the muscle tone.
The rejuvenating result can act as fast as 10 minutes and as long as 24 hours.
Feeling is completely natural.
You can carry on with your daily activities.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Obagi NU-DERM System

Obagi NU- DERM 1-6 

Transform your skin at every phase!

Phase 1 (REMOVE week 1-6)

Penetration under skin to correct signs of aging and acne breakout.
Exfoliation occurs by removing dull skin and promote new skin cells.
Even skin tone is noticeable.

Expect some itching, dryness and redness and they will subside by the end of phase 2.

Phase 2 (RESTART week 7-12)

Skin produces normal healthy cells and pigments are distributed evenly.
Skin become smoother, clearer and softer.
Even skin tone.

Phase 3 (REFRESH week 13-18)

Skin cells are in the process of transformation.
Skin is clearer, firmer, hydrated, more even toned.

Phase 4 (RESTORE continue result with proper maintenance )

Skin look restored, more radiant, even skin tone and resilient.
Maintenance of healthy skin.

Daily Expectation :

More resilient skin 
Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
Refresh look , even skin tone and texture.
Reduced in hyperpigmentation( discolouration)

1. Gentle Cleanser

Gently make up removal and cleanse face.
Massage small amount of cleanser and water into skin.
Rinse with water and gently pat dry.

2. Toner

Alcohol free, non drying toner helps to adjust pH of the skin, increase product penetration.
After cleanser, put on cotton pad and apply on face, do not rinse.

3. Clear

Hydroquinone 4% helps to correct age spots secondary to  sun exposure, better and even complexion.
Squeeze a small amount (1-2 pea size)onto your hands.
Apply evenly in feathering motion evenly over entire face.

4. Exfoderm

Lightweight lotion, exfoliates dull and top layer of skin.
Promoting new skin cells and brighter complexion.
Squeeze a small amount(1-2 pea size) onto your hands.
Use fingertips, apply evenly over entire face until fully absorb.

5. Blender

Hydroquinone 4 % , Lighten age spots and other types of discolouration.
Squeeze a small amount (1-2 pea size) onto your hands and apply even over entire face.

Blender maybe use along with Tretinoin cream ( 0.1%, 0.05% or 0.025%)

6. Sunscreen SPF 50 

Combine UVA and UVB protection.
PABA and fragrance free, allergy tested.
Apply over entire face 15 mins prior to sun exposure.
Reapply every 2 hours.

Obagi Hydrate

A moisturizing cream to be use to soothe area of dry and flaky skin. 
Apply small amount evenly to the entire face.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

HCG Diet

HCG Diet Plan For Beginners 

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin)

Similarly increased the metabolic rate as in pregnant female 
Present of HCG in the optimum and right dosage can help released fat cells and used by the body or and expelled.
For weight loss purpose only a small amount of HCG is required.
Using HCG does not mimic pregnancy, hence its suitable for men and women.
Men in fact achieve more weight loss in comparison to women when taking HCG.
Doctors give men and women foe fertility reason in large doses (5000-6000IU).
However for dieting only (150-200IU) per day is required.
You can loose a pound a day and not feel hungry by consuming 500-800 kcal per day.

How Much Will I Loss?

The average weight loss for women is 0.25 kg/ day and 0.4 kg /day for men.
Usually women don't always loss the weight as fast as man.

Injection or Oral Method?

Injection method is more preferred as the dosage is precise, easy , quick and painless compare to sublingual method.
Sublingual method will also loose weight but it takes double the amount of HCG and take 30-40 mins of your time each day.

How Much HCG should I Inject?

Usually the recommended dosage  is 175IU -200IU per day and adjust accordingly by doctors.
You will become immune to HCG faster, if you start with a higher dose.
Subcutaneous injection is usually around the belly area, 2 fingers breath away from the belly button.
Usually no pain as that area is mostly fat tissues.
There are 23 days and 42 days cycle.
If you are a heavy person, you may need to start with the 42 days program and need a multiple 42 days HCG but with a 8 weeks break interval.

Important tips for HCG 

HCG is contraindicated if you are, pregnant, nursing, under 18 of age, heart disease, diabetes on injectable insulin, on nitrates and any history of cancer.
Usually HCG is stop during menstruation and continue oral weight loss medication.
Use HCG for minimum of 21 days to a maximum of 45 days.
Start a new cycle if need after 6-8 weeks interval.
Follow the diet plan carefully to stabilized the weight.
Do not exceed 500-800kcal per day.
Take injection on the same time everyday.
Drink 1.5-3L of water per day.
Keep HCG well refrigerated.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Face Lift

Silhouette Soft 

What is Silhouette soft made of ?

The sutures are made of   Polylactic Acid and cones are made of Lactic acid 82% and Glycolic copolymer (18%).
The component are totally resorbable in 8-12 months for cones and 18-24months for sutures.
Image result for silhouette soft thread product

What is Polylactic acid ?

Fully absorble and biocompatible to human body.
Well tolerated and does not require any allergy tests.
It acts in the subcutaneous tissue and stimulates the activation of fibroblast and collagen production.
Increase volume and shapeliness will continue gradually and naturally.
Image result for silhouette soft thread product

Patient Indication :

Midface skin ptosis 
Jawline ptosis
Neck relaxation 
Brow ptosis 

Image result for silhouette soft thread product
Image result for silhouette soft thread product

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Body Contouring with Injectables

Mesotherapy /Mesofat Injections

Mesohyal is the 100% adaptable mesotherapy solution, from Spain and approved by EC.
Containing full range of active substances which can be customized as cocktails for injections.
Eg: Artichoke and DMAE each with their own functions.


is an anticellulite solution.
It works by stimulating the lymaphatic drainage system, prevent water or fluid retention in the tissues. 
Hence reducing edema and cellulite.
Indicated for flaccid celluite and over weight.
All areas can be treated - thigh , buttocks, arms, abdomen,back face etc.


is to treat face and body flaccidity.
Protecting against the damage caused by free radicles and increased the elasticity of skin.

X prof 

L carnitine

acts as a fat carrier and enables the activated fatty acids to be oxidised.
Its an lipolytic agent.


activates the fat melting enzyme lipases and reduced the synthethesis of triglyceride.
Helps dissolves fat.

Melilot and Rutin extract

It activates the venous return circulation and has anti free radicles function.
Used in cellulites with retention of fluids.

Organic silicon

Used in stretch mark , cellulite, anti aging as it is a lipolytic agent.
Improves orange peel skins.

Usage: Once a week for 10 weeks, then once a month as maintenance.

Image result for mesoestetic 012Image result for mesoestetic 013


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Thread Lift (2)

Thread Lift on Nose 
Image result for thread lift nose korea
Indicated for nose that are:

  • flat
  • bulbous nasal tip 
  • hooked nose
  • crooked and bumpy 
  • unbalance nostril 

Competitive edge

  • A little bruise and swelling after the procedure
  • Can carry on with your daily activities
  • Procedure result is immediate and successful with dense cogs, elasticity and proper thickness of threads
  • harmless and non invasive procedure
  • Dramatic change with the naked eye

  • Smooth insertion 
  • thread is stuck strongly between the tissues after pulling out 

                                                  BEFORE                      AFTER